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InoPrints is a passionate Print Solutions/Management Company located in Chicago, but nationally served. InoPrints was created in 2008 to provide an easy & affordable way for businesses to print. We are passionate about helping companies & artists market their ideas and products to their customers and fans. We are in the service industry, providing printing. We stress customer service. [ See what they're saying about us on Yelp!]

Along with our large network of resourceful suppliers and partnerships around the nation, we will find a way to make your print project a reality. Our Main Sales office is located blocks away from downtown Chicago.

We have strategic print facility partnerships all around the U.S. & Canada which helps us serve you wherever you are (without compromising quality and service).

Wow, it's hard writing about ourselves without sounding weird.

Basically, we love what we do. Print.


Established in 2007, a group of musicians and artists in Chicago were getting weary ordering their print jobs out of state. Printing outside of Illinois meant expensive shipping costs and long turnaround times.

Led by Jovim Ventura, his 401K retirement fund, and 2 credit cards - InoPrints was born.The team, who worked tightly with the artistic and music community, decided to bring a fast and cost effective way to print in Chicago. This helped people get their music out to their fans within a few days, rather than a few weeks. The art community was happy and the Chicago music scene was much more efficient. Once the art and music scene in Chicago used our service, the companies they worked for in their day jobs started asking if InoPrints could do business cards, postcards, brochures, programs, etc.Why not?

InoPrints started serving Chicago companies in different industries - and the companies were happy to receive their printing much faster. Soon, with suppliers & partnerships across the nation, InoPrints started shipping print jobs to every corner of the United States. Currently InoPrints has shipped to all corners of the world - United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, Canada and Mexico.

In 2010, InoPrints sought to merge with t-shirt & apparel printing company Ready Shirt Supply. The merger helped InoPrints expand their product offering into the world of apparel printing.

InoPrints is dedicated to helping businesses, musicians, and artists grow by maintaining integrity, quality, and long lasting business/family relationships - and have fun during the process.

(Our First Storefront in the Northside of Chicago 2007-2010)


We'd be happy to hear from you. Let us know how we can help.