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Jovim Ventura featured on She Knows

Jovim chimes in on why failure is important for success. [read more]

Jovim Ventura featured on Knoxville Newspaper

Founder of InoPrints takes a minute to reflect on running a business and the challenges of hiring and firing to create a great business team. Knoxville Newspaper "The Ride". [read more]

InoPrints Sponsoring Chicago's West Fest 

InoPrints is proud to announce we are sponsoring some of the event with the West Town Chamber of Commerce. Also partial sponsor for the Elder Tree Stage. Take a look, these will be hanging next week (Sunday, July 8th) at West Fest - Elder Tree Stage.” [read more]

At InoPrints, the Artist Takes Center Stage 

In 2006, Jovim Ventura, now 29, was just another corporate number, working as a marketing and sales analyst at a firm in Glenview. He had a cubicle, a respectable job and a generous paycheck, but realized that something was missing. ” It started turning a little corporate,” he says. ” I was making pretty decent money but wasn’t really passionate about it.” [read more]